The R-Z16357 DNA Project

What is the R-Z16357 DNA Project?

R-Z16357 is the name of a DNA SNP mutation that occurred in a man that lived around 3000 years ago. This mutation was passed down genetically to this man's direct-line male ancestors. This site is focused on bringing together those who have this mutation today to facilitate research, collaboration, and genealogical connections.

Z16357 Tree - Click to view SNP pageThe Y chromosome is passed from parent to child. Certain mutations can occur on this chromosome every few generations. These mutations may be SNP mutations which are typically distinct to a particular person and are passed to his male-line descendants, or STR mutations which can be analyzed to roughly determine how closely related two men are.

This project analyzes both STR and SNP mutations to identify men living today who share common ancestors and are somewhat closely related. Identifying these men allows us to make a mutual connection to ancient family lines and over time determine more precisely how we are related to each other.

Getting Started

This project is primarily focused on men who have taken Y-DNA tests and share the STR signature for our group, or who have the R-Z16357 SNP. To collaborate with us, please join our mailing list. The R-L513 project at FTDNA and the R1b-L513 Yahoo group are also collaboration points for this project (R-Z16357 is an SNP found below R-L513). This site provides additional details specific to R-Z16357 people.