Below are generally verified most distant known ancestor of confirmed R-Z16357 people. If you are confirmed or suspected R-Z16357, we invite you to share your ancestry so it can be added here.

Name, kit number, and terminal SNP are shown.

Ancestors for R-Z16357 Confirmed People

Smith - 178277 (R-Z16357)

Samuel Smith b. 1720-30 d. 1785 Loudoun, Virginia, USA

Smith - 65378 (R-S5668 - probably R-Z16357)

Nelson Gates Smith, b. 1816 New York, USA and d. 1885 Iowa, USA

Hartley - 275990 (R-Z17911)

Robert Hartley, 1803-1835 Lancashire, England

Smith - 307773 (R-Z17911)

Alexander Smith, b. September, 1750 Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Thomas - 8633 (R-Z17911)

James Thomas, b. ~1760 unknown, d. 1826 GA

Bennett - 476765 (R-Z17911)

Benjamin Cotton Bennett, b. ~1773 Virginia, USA

Goff - 147436 (R-Z17911)

John F. Goff, b. 1820 Pennsylvania, USA

Merrick - 250219 (R-Z17911)

Griffith Merrick/Meyrick b. ~1718 London, England, d. 1771 Loudon, Virginia, USA

Pillsbury - 132342 (R-BY13850) & 171538 (R-M269)

William Pilsbury, b. 1605 Midlands, England (Leek, STS?)

Hays - 95100 (R-ZS349), N28178 (R-BY13845) & 131836 (R-M269)

George Hays/Hayes, b. 1655 Scotland, d. 1725 Hartford County, Connecticut, United States

Ancestors for R-Z16357 Suspected People


Most Phillips (all R-M269) from the Phillips Family Group 29 list their most distant known ancestor as Joseph Phillips b. ~1710, d. ~1774 Surry County, North Carolina, or one of his descendants.


Most Smiths (R-M269, R-L21, & R-L513) from the Smith Group R-M269-16 list their most distant known ancestor as Francis Smith, b. ~1614 England, d. ~1679 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA, or one of his descendants.

Gilroy - N56253 (R-L513) & N114296 (R-L513)

Edward Ralph Gilroy, b. 1852, St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies

Bullock - 248103 (R-M269)

Martin Bullock b. 1808 in Kentucky, USA

Martin - 161394 (R-L21)

Vincent Martin, b. 1798 prob. Pennsylvania


There are numerous Vaughn/Vaughan men that are likely on our branch of the tree. Their ancestors will be added here as additional information is provided.