We'd love to have your contributions to this project. All of us in the R-Z16357 haplogroup are anxious to solve our genealogical mysteries and expand our branch of the tree.

I, or a family member, might have R-Z16357 or a related downstream SNP (R-Z17911, R-ZS349, etc.)

First, please contact us so we can coordinate and do additional analysis of DNA results and make recommendations.

The best way to contribute is to take the Big-Y DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA or the Y Elite DNA test from Full Genomes Corporation (FGC). This will identify all of your known SNPs and will help us identify new SNPs that may extend the branches of our tree closer to modern day. You'll know exactly where you fit on the DNA tree.

If you decide not to spend the money on Big-Y or FGC testing, there are several other options. Assuming you've already taken a Y-DNA test, and depending upon your current terminal SNP and STR relationship with known R-Z16357 people, you can likely take the $119 S5668 SNP test at FTDNA. This tests for certain important SNPs on our branch of the tree and will identify your new terminal SNP and position on the tree. If you are a very close STR match to others on our branch, you may instead want to take individual $39 SNP tests to determine your position on the tree.

Please contact us if you have questions about how you can help or if you have questions about which test is best for you.

I, or a family member, am confirmed R-Z16357 (or a related downstream SNP)

We're happy to have you on our branch of the tree! We maintain a mailing list for R-Z16357 people that you may join. We also invite you to share your ancestry for others to see. Please contact us for more information.

Extensive discussion and analysis of our parent haplogroup R-L513 occurs on the R-L513 FTDNA group and R1b-L513 Yahoo discussion group, which we strongly encourage you to join.

There are several other researchers who can analyze and will provide insight into your results. If you've taken Big-Y or FGC, please contribute your results to The Big Tree for more detailed analysis. We also recommend a $49 Big-Y analysis by YFull.